We do not offer formal credit facilities, however, approved customers, will be allowed to spread the cost of their purchase over three separate payments.   How it works ………

For orders totalling over £200 (excluding any postage costs), the arrangement is made up of three instalments - you would make an initial, payment, at the time of purchase, followed by two further payments (via Standing Order) at monthly intervals.  We would not charge any interest and, as long as payments are made on time, there will be no additional costs on top of your purchase.                                 (If an instalment is missed (without prior arrangement), a late fee of £10.00 will apply and the full outstanding balance will become immediately payable. If you fail to settle the full balance due (by a given date), we reserve the right to instigate a lawful, debt recovery process (from which, further costs would be incurred). 

To order: Contract us by e-mail to [email protected]  or Text/Tel: +44 (0)7826335702 / +44(0)7719386171 . We will need your name, postal address, e-mail address and telephone number (if you are an existing customer, your Customer Number would suffice), along with your requirements (item(s), colour (if applicable), size and quantity).

Any returns/exchanges/replacements/refunds/credit will be processed in our normal manner and in compliance with current Consumer Rights legislation. Our standard Terms & Conditions can be found on our Website ( ).

In some instances, certain products may be in limited supply, so if there is anything you particular want, which happens to be unavailable at the time, please e-mail us (s[email protected]) or Telephone/Text (07826 335702), then we can accept your order on a “priority pre-order” basis and any prevailing discount will be honoured, for that particular item(s).