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BACK ON TRACK-UK (T. & W. Healthcare Products Ltd t/a.), who's long-standing core business is Back on Track® products, was established in 2004.   

Back on Track is the name of a range of high quality healthcare aids and garments, developed in Sweden, designed to provide therapy and well-being.

Almost all Back on Track® products are manufactured using functional textiles (Welltex™ , Iontex® & Haematex ® ). The unique, technological, ceramic infused fabrics (advanced woven material, in which minute ceramic particles bonded into the fibres), reflects the wearer's body warmth as FAR Infrared energy - a proven therapy that penetrates through the skin to the subcutaneous tissues and joints, warming up the muscles and connective tissues, thereby assisting in lessening the risk of strains/injury, promoting healing & recovery from injuries, diminishing discomfort, increasing circulation and reducing swelling/inflammation.

With the exception of certain fittings and attachments, Back on Track® goods do not incorporate any metals, chemicals, electrical devices, plastics nor magnets - they work constantly (while being worn) and completely naturally and can give greater benefit than that of the basic neoprene, fleece, electronic, chemical or magnet merchandise. Plus, because they are not disposable and are designed to be durable, they have become an environmentally friendly option.

For the wearer, Back on Track® products can provide an element of support, but, more importantly, heat therapy, which is aimed at giving continuous relief from the pain and discomfort of illnesses such as Arthritis. They work completely naturally by using the infrared therapy principal in reflecting the wearer's body heat (a form of energy that has a documented and proven pain relieving effect). This reflected heat can reduce inflammation, ease muscle tension, support blood circulation and help to hasten the healing process. Their use is generally for remedial and preventative measures, targeting a specific area of the body (although they are extremely effective in warming up muscles prior to physical exercise or work, thereby minimising the risk of strains or injury) and, crucially, they can also expedite the recovery from established injuries. Most can be used continuously, but, obviously, as with any type of medical treatment, it is always wise to monitor the situation.

BACK ON TRACK-UK (T. & W. Healthcare Products Ltd t/a.), located in Leicestershire, England, is a leading independent supplier of genuine, renowned Back on Track® products (along with complementary merchandise from our Therapy Alternatives  division), which are being increasingly recommended by Vets and other medical practitioners throughout the Country, probably due to their huge popularity within the Equestrian and Canine sports fraternity.

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BACK ON TRACK-UK and Therapy Alternatives are the trading names of T. & W. Healthcare Products Ltd. Back on Track®, Welltex™ , Iontex® and Haematex ® are actually the names and registered trademarks of Back on Track AB, the manufacturing/distribution organization, based overseas. (NB. Welltex™, Iontex® and Haematex ® refer to the specialized fabrics)



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